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Who We Are


We believe workforce management software should be simple, yet powerful, and fast – so you can schedule the right employee to the right job, compensate them accurately, and make smarter decisions for your business.

Resonance Software, headquartered on Vancouver Island, Canada, has made significant strides with its flagship product, WorkSight Flow. This versatile workforce management system caters to organizations of all sizes, streamlining employee scheduling, leave management, and timekeeping processes. Whether you’re a small business or part of a Fortune 500 company, Flow has you covered.

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What Drives Us

Simplicity Out of Complexity

At our core, we're problem solvers. Challenges excite us. Learning the intricacies behind new industries is something we look forward to. And boiling each industry's complexities down to a set of simple rules is what we live for.

Our Boundaries

Discipline and Focus

We pride ourselves on our ability to match our clients' needs to the exact level of detail they require. We need to understand the small details that are important to them, so we can build a system to their exact specifications. However, this obsession can become a restraint if we don't focus on the right problems for the right client. By our nature, we can try to immerse ourselves in high levels of complexity that are not aligned to our interests.

Our Goals

Scheduling and Pay should be Frictionless

Traditional methods of scheduling and managing precise gross pay calculations aim to keep people busy. WorkSight is developed to ensure that the work gets done. Unlike other scheduling and precise gross pay technology, WorkSight is built around the client's work — not the employee. These jobs are important. Sometimes lives are at stake. WorkSight solves for job vacancies, so work is always filled, tasks are always completed, and payments are always calculated correctly.

WorkSight is developed to ensure that the work gets done.

What We Do

Fit Any Need

WorkSight creates rules that will solve for the most intricate scheduling and precision gross pay needs. No matter how complex the issue or how detailed the requirement, WorkSight can create a flexible system that meets your specifications.

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