Why WorkSight?

WorkSight makes workforce management better. We build configurable software to meet customer needs, schedule employees, and calculate gross-pay.

Where Time Flows Efficiently

WorkSight is a versatile and highly adaptable workforce management software designed for organizations of all sizes. It seamlessly schedules employees, ensuring precision in gross pay calculations. With WorkSight, time management becomes effortless, allowing businesses to focus on what truly matters.

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Integrate Your Systems

WorkSight supports data exchange and real-time process integration across all your systems to ensure everyone has access to the same information.

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Centralize Your Data

WorkSight offers an organization-wide single-source solution by collecting all scheduling, time off and timecard data.

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Be Agile

WorkSight adapts and grows with your company for increased visibility and flexibility.

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Mobilize Skillsets

WorkSight allows flexible staffing models, sharing of skill sets across the organization and varying crew sizes based upon demand.

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Change the Way in Which Work Gets Done

Minimize "office work" for supervisors, allowing more time on shop floor or getting stuff done.

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Save Money

Fewer licensing fees and reduced IT costs, result in increased revenue from both direct and indirect cost savings.

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Make Better Decisions

By combining all your time data in you one system you can ask better questions, identify patterns, and make better decisions.

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Be Secure

WorkSight has built in security measures, including data encryption, to keep employee information safe.

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Remember the Details

WorkSight account for the level of detail organizations with complex union and payment rules require.

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Get Mobile

Meet employees where they are so they can work more efficiently and from anywhere.

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Leverage Our Expertise

Resonance has specific and deep industry experience that makes us unique in understanding the challenges faced by companies such as yours.

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We Help Businesses of All Sizes, "WorkSight Flow: Where Work Meets Simplicity"
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