WorkSight Flow for Food & Beverage

Workforce Management is the Convergence of HR, Operations, Finance, & IT

Workforce management decisions have an enormous impact on the financial and non-financial success of an organization. Industries often do not realize how much workforce management impacts daily activities and functions. From adhering to compliance regulations, scheduling, and compensating to benchmarking, analyzing, and improving.

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The WorkSight for Food & Beverage Approach

Easy Scheduling

Create and Use Shift Templates

Automatically generate weekly schedules based on pre-defined shift patterns.

Easy to Use Scheduling Tools

Easily plan your work schedule by assigning, duplicating, and dragging/dropping shifts.

Provide Your Employees All the Details They Need

Add shift instructions such as area, group, occupation, time, reasons, & comments.

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Manage Attendance and Leave

Vacation Management

Get real-time vacation requests by employees using their mobile phones and approve or decline them in a click.

Automate Accruals

Enjoy automatic and accurate vacation entitlement calculations.

Sickness Tracking

Record staff absence, track sick day balances, and arrange last-minute coverage—all in the same system.

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Simple Time Tracking

Streamline Timesheet Creation Based on Schedules

Once you schedule employees, their timesheets are generated by the system. Thereafter, only exceptions need to be logged.

Automate Gross Pay Calculations

Address all the complex pay policies in your organization with automation to reduce payroll leakage, costs, and manual overhead.

Built-in Error Checking

Automatic validation of timesheet entries minimizes errors for common and specific business requirements.

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Streamline Your Processes

Export Timesheets for Payroll Processing

Simply review the timesheets at the end of each pay period, edit and approve, and export timesheets for seamless payroll processing.

Connect Other Applications Using the Flow API

Developers can access our open API to securely send data and trigger actions - like creating employees, adding tags, updating employee qualifications and more.

Zapier Integration

Connect to over 1,500 apps with a zap. Zapier is a third-party integration tool that allows users of all skill levels to integrate the apps they love - no development skills required.

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Configurable software supports complex rules Image

Configurable software supports complex rules

Reason and comment tracking Image

Reason and comment tracking

Error reporting is the sonar of workforce management Image

Error reporting is the sonar of workforce management

Manage your employees time, all in one place

Behind every successful workforce management approach, you will find a conducive product, process, and team.

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